Black Girling in Year 24

My 25th Birthday is in two weeks and I thought this the perfect time to show gratitude to year 24.

This year has been HARD, girl. However, I owe a lot of success to this hard, hard year.

I started a business! A successful business. A business that is exceeding my wildest dreams. And now, I am grateful for how hard this year has been. I’m grateful for the tears, the stress, and the overwhelming work load. I’m grateful for everyone who saw me.

I’m writing this after pulling yet another all nighter. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t even need coffee lol just a conscious grind. I finished my website finally! And, this is my first blog post of many. This is my award speech lol.

I want to thank my mom, my Stephanie. I am nothing without your love and support. My forever thing. The love of my life and the person who ships out all of your orders lol. Nobody rides my wave like my mama.

My friends. My very best friends. You know who you are *Drake voice*. You hype me up, you motivate me, and you love me and all of my personality. Black Girling with you has been the time of my life. I never want to get off of this ride.


With that being said, thank you year 24.

I’m forever indebted to you.